Testing Info

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Testing Info

Post by Steve Aboagye on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:55 pm

Numbers for testing (By Join Date):

Joshua Hawkins - 1
Geoff Todd - 2
Donny Simmons - 3
marley - 4
fordknox - 5
Mitchell Burns - 6
StevePurcell - 7
Mike Boughton - 8
Michael Chavez - 9
Chris M. - 10
Adrian Hingley - 11
Jake Blackhall - 12
JG24 - 13
frow78 - 14
KingLemmie - 15
slhracing - 16
SunnyRacingDriver - 17
Timothy Bellis - 18
Paul Irvin Jr - 19
darthclay - 20

These numbers are temporary; you'll be able to choose them after testing is finished.

So this is basically how testing will go:

- We will visit every type of track, to get a feel for everything (might exclude superspeedways, setups aren't a huge factor in those).
- There will be practice and qualification sessions; you will be able to change your setups after practice in a two day window, and they will be locked for the race after qualification.
- The races will not be too long; I'm thinking about 25% of the full length.
- These will be single races, without points. After we've done this, we'll do a short testing season of around 10 races.
- Try not to share your setups with anyone.
Probable tracks: California, Richmond, Martinsville, Texas, The Glen, Dover.

Steve Aboagye

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